Evil. What does it mean? Who creates it? Is it the people that start wars, bully others, and hurt others? Or is it the people that do not help others in their time of need? Evil is all of these things, and more, combined. It has been stated by Edmund Burke that “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” This statement is sadly, but absolutely, true. The actions of others speak louder than words. Innocent bystanders? They do not exist. The lack of action by one side provokes more action from the other side.


     We have always been brought up learning this statement: “Actions speak louder than words.” If this statement is to always be held in high regard, then the good men of the world should do something about the evil that is constantly spreading, mutating, and infecting everyone else on this planet. No matter what anyone says, there is evil in this world. Important politicians are telling the citizens of the world that they will stop the spread of evil around the world, but they are not doing anything about it. This lack of action on the good side is leading to more action from the bad side.


     When we were in school, our parents taught us that if we were being bullied, we should just ignore it, and the bully will go away. Unfortunately, people are now putting that old teaching to use in the huge world of politics. Take Rwanda as an example. The UNIMAR peacekeeping troops were ordered not to fight against the Hutus because their nations feared war with Rwanda, and any other countries that supported it. Rwanda is a small country, and could have easily been overpowered if they resisted the peacekeeping troops. But the rest of the world did not see it like this. For one hundred days, the world turned a blind eye to the desperate cries of help from Rwanda. One hundred days! It is stunning to think that a small and helpless country like Rwanda was completely ignored for such a long period of time, when everybody knew what sort of massacres were taking place within it.  This only happened because the big politicians of that time believed that ignoring Rwanda would stop the fighting that was going on. Eventually, it did, but only after 1.2 million innocent souls of Rwanda lay dead on the ground that they had lived on throughout their lives. This proved the statement: “There are no such things as innocent bystanders.”


     When our teachers talked to us about our bullying problems, they said that even the people who watched the bully attack his victim were not innocent. In fact, they were also guilty, because they had stood by and given the bully moral support (just by standing there), and therefore fueled the attack on the victim. They should have gone for help instead. The exact same thing happened with Rwanda. As the Hutus massacred the Tutsis, the world stood by and watched them, instead of going in to Rwanda to help the Tutsis. Because the good men of the world did nothing to help the Tutsis, the Hutus were able to slaughter the Tutsis without any fear of retaliatory violence. The inactivity of the world destroyed the hope of the Tutsis, and left them devastated in their own motherland. When the world finally decided to help the Tutsis, the fight was over. Then began the political negotiations, when there was nothing to negotiate.


     The death of over a million people in one country is a horrible to think of. That is like everybody in Calgary disappearing off the face of the Earth. Yet it did happen, and is happening again in a small region of Sudan called Darfur. This genocide is between the “Arabs” and the “Africans.” So far, three hundred thousand Africans have been killed in Darfur, and one million, eight hundred thousand people have been displaced. This is quite devastating, as Darfur only has eight million people living in it. The only way to stop this evil, and to prevent it from ever happening again, is for the good men of the world to stop ignoring these horrifying incidents, and for them to come to terms with reality.