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I’m sure that all of you must have heard about the fact that the end of the world will begin tomorrow. A Christian group is saying that tomorrow Christ will come to the Earth and take with him the souls of his true followers. As they ascend to Heaven, the rest of us heretics will burn in “death, disease, and destruction.” However, their suffering will only last for six months, because the world will actually end on October 21st. I, as a non-Christian, am slightly appalled by this statement. How can a group of people place themselves above us, and doom us all to torture while they reach the pearly gates? Why are we unable to go to Heaven with them? To me, it seems like a clear case of discrimination based on religion. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the Bible say something about treating everyone fairly and equally? It just seems a bit weird that Jesus would take a select few people with him, and leave the rest of us to die.

The sad part of this whole ordeal is that people are following this lunatic (Camping).  Mr Camping previously predicted the end of the world in 1994. When it didn’t happen, he stated that he made some “mistakes in [his] calculations.” Now, however, he states that his calculations are perfect, and that there is no chance that the Rapture will not occur tomorrow. Even so, thousands of people all over the world have quit their jobs, sold their houses and cars, and generally divested themselves of all of their material possessions so that they will be taken by Christ. These people are also draining their savings to fund this group. If the Rapture occurs, and they are not taken, their lives will be over anyway. I, for one, don’t give a damn. People are too impressionable, and if they decide to throw away their lives on the chance that the world may end on May 21st, then let them. It’s just Darwinism in action. Hopefully the gene that causes them to have this much stupidity will be weeded out of the general population, and will not allow idiots like Camping to gain more followers in the future.

Here’s to May 22nd.


For my English 30 IB class, I have to read a book called A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf. This book is written in the format of an essay, that is meant to be a speech as well. I had no idea before we started reading this book that the reactions would be so mixed with regards to the ideas presented in this text. Even within my class alone, there are the ardent feminists, and there are those who say that feminists are responsible for the notions that create hatred towards men in our society. So I was wondering, what do you, my readers, think about this topic? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Pros for Feminism:

  • Seeks gender equality
  • Oppose domestic violence, sexual harassment, and sexual abuse
  • Have advocated for equal pay for women
  • Suffrage for women
  • Reproductive rights (access to contraceptives and abortion)

Cons for Feminism

  • Even though it advocates gender equality, it keeps the sexes apart
  • Women try to do what is, genetically speaking, physically challenging, sometimes almost impossible
  • In trying to appease feminists, women are chosen over equally qualified men in order to prove that a team is not sexist
  • While trying to gain equality for women, feminism leads to increased discrimination against men

If you have any ideas, or thoughts about this topic that you would like to share, do not hesitate to comment below.