So I just finished writing this extended metaphor on the character of Angela Vicario from Chronicle of a Death Foretold for an English project. Read it and tell me what you think of it!

Once upon a time, there was a little ship. This ship had been built for one purpose only, to sail the Seven Seas. She was a small ship, so she had a small crew. One captain, his first mate, and two deckhands were the only people allowed to set foot on her decks. Her captain and his first mate were a strict pair. As such, they never strayed from the routes that were charted on their maps. The little ship yearned to roam in unmapped waters, to sail freely wherever she pleased. But she was bound by her masters to flow only where they saw fit. One day, as they were sailing through the day, an enormous shadow fell upon them. It was a pirate ship! From its vast, tall decks sprung a crew of men, led by a handsome, ruthless gentleman. If something that he desired caught his eye, he would not rest until he had it within his grasp. Unfortunately for the little ship, she was the object he wanted, that he needed. His crew boarded her, and they quickly tied up the small four-man crew, who sat, mouths agape, in awe of the huge vessel that floated before them. Soon enough, the pirates took them aboard their own ship. The Gentleman ordered his men to lash the little ship to his own monstrous craft, and to set sail once more.

The little ship, tied behind this floating giant, was terrified. She was saddened by the loss of her crew, all save the first mate, who had to steer her still, to the men aboard the pirate ship. And she grew more and more anxious as they deviated from her old, familiar, charted routes. At the same time, she was feeling excited at the prospect of going to places where had never gone before.

As the day wore on, the winds across the ocean started to pick up. The sky darkened, and the salty tang of seawater grew more prominent as the water was whipped into the air. As the wind whistled through her sails, it made the sound of a thousand sirens, and slowly she came to the horrifying realization that there was only one siren, only one banshee of the seas. It was a maelstrom. As she was sucked into it, she grew more terrified by the moment, and at the same time she felt a thrill pass through her timbers, the thrill of a new experience. Sucked into the spinning vortex, her ropes creaking and sails whipping in the wind, she was bound to the colossal ship in front of her as she had never been bound to any ship before. Soon the whirlpool subsided, and the seas were calm again. The pirates descended on the little ship once again, to check her for damages. Soon a great cry rose out from amongst them. The ship was damaged! She had a hole in her keel, and was slowly taking on water in her hold as a result. However, the men soon discovered that the damage had occurred before the storm. The crew of the little ship was sent back to her, and the pirates took them to a tiny atoll and beached them.

On the little island, the captain and the first mate began berating each other for not noticing the damage, as well as the little ship for not showing them the damage soon enough. The little ship grew sadder as their tirade went on, and soon began weeping salty tears from her timbers. The deckhands went off on the atoll to search for materials with which they could repair the damage of their ship. Soon enough, the deckhands returned, repaired the little ship, and the entire party went on their merry way. But the little ship had none of the previous enthusiasm for sailing with her crew as she did before, because she had seen how quick they were to go against her even when she was not at fault.

Many years later, in a lonely dockyard, amongst the masts of sunken ships, the little ship lay, waiting for a crew to come to her, and release her from the dock. She slowly forgot about her own crew, long ago lost to the sea, forgot about their anger towards her when she was weak. She started to remember a brief, but exciting time when she was captured by pirates, and allowed to roam the uncharted seas. She began pining for their return to her, and yearned for years for the Gentleman to return to her.  One day, years later, he returned, a much older and wiser man, to the shipyard. He noticed the little ship floating in the dock, alone, with no crew of her own. He climbed aboard her with his crew, took hold of the wheel and the tiller, and set sail with the little ship on the Seven Seas once more.