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Back Again =)

Well… It’s been quite a while since I last posted on this website. My absence has spanned four months, during which I have had many different trials and tribulations. My summer was quite interesting. My family and I decided to do some yard work, and we ended up planting eleven different trees, hundreds of flowers, a vegetable garden, and general landscaping as well. In addition, we painted our deck, which now looks stunning as it is a mix of red and brown, instead of the dull grey it was before. I also took a few trips to many different places, including Radium, Invermere, and Montana. In general, it was a pretty good summer.

However, the highlight of this summer vacation came at its end, with the start of my university career. Lost in thought a few days ago, I realized something interesting; the older we get, the more terrifying the process of making new friends becomes. Back when we were in kindergarten (oh so long ago), we were scared about being separated from our parents for those few hours of the day. For most people, the children that they met in kindergarten were the same ones that they graduated from high school with. But alas, that’s not the case with me. Until the beginning of junior high, I was changing schools after two years in each one, give or take a few months. As such, I became accustomed to finding new friends quite easily. At the beginning of junior high, I knew absolutely no one, yet I still managed to create friendships that I am sure will last me for many more years to come. Once high school started, I began to get nervous, as I’m sure most people would. Suddenly, we were taken from a comfortable environment with roughly 600 people, and thrust into an arena packed with over a thousand students. It is here, in this place, that we find the people with whom our friendships may last a lifetime. It is here that the true drama of life begins, as bonds are made and broken, hearts are brought together or torn apart, and where futures are created or destroyed. It is in high school that you learn about your own person, either through the compliments of others, or their criticisms. Mistakes are an essential part of high school life, because they help us become stronger individuals at a time when we are made to question our beliefs about ourselves.

Then comes university. If high school is an arena, then university is a veritable hellhole. Full of thousands of people, it seems absolutely impossible to make any new connections. You stick with your friends from high school, until you get separated by your timetable. Now you have a choice to make. Do you stride boldly into your classroom, and begin to create these bonds? Or do you enter meekly, sit in a corner, scribble down your notes, and then leave? If you do the former, you are off to a great start. I realize that I might be saying this too early, as my own university career has barely started, but I feel that I need to motivate others, as well as myself, to become more extrovert, and to create completely new friend circles than the ones they have had in the past.

Life is too short to have regrets. We, as a species, need to understand this fact. Our lives could last for another 90 years, or another 90 seconds; we have no way of knowing. Enjoy it right now, but ensure that you are making the right decisions for your future, so you can continue to enjoy once you are much older. Don’t throw away friendships because of mistakes that someone has made in the past. You never know who you might be working with later on in your career.

Put the past behind you. Live in the present, and plan for your future.

Positivity Post #8

I remember, 5 years ago when we bought this house, that I thought it was absolutely amazing. What I didn’t anticipate is that all the hard work my parents and I put into it could make it look even better. We turned a concrete bunker (our basement) into an amazing multi-purpose room, complete with books, toys, exercise machines, and couches. We even went so far as to buy curtains for the windows from India in order to spruce it up. And today, my dad and I installed more curtains, curtain rods, and curtain holdbacks all over our house. To most people, this would seem like a chore; to me, it is an opportunity to spend more quality time with my parents =].

Positivity Post #4

Spending time with your loved ones is never a bad thing. In fact, I believe that we don’t spend enough time with our families, especially as teenagers. We wake up (grudgingly) early in the morning to go to school. We have limited contact with our parents at this time, because everyone is in a rush to get to school or to go to work. We don’t see them throughout the day, and when we get home, we sit in our rooms, studying or chatting on Facebook and MSN. We, as teenagers, need to take the time out of our busy schedules and utilize that time with our parents. They have dedicated their lives into making us who we are today, and we should reciprocate that love in any way we can. Spending a little time with my parents really brightened up my day today =].

Positivity Post #3

Today what inspired me was having a long, in-depth conversation with my mom about my aunt. I explained to her about the value and joys in life, and she seemed to understand, and even become a bit more cheerful after our talk. This made me smile more as well, because as we all know, spreading happiness is my new goal =].

Positivity Post #2

Weirdly enough, today my happiness came from being able to get back to work. Lifeguarding is actually a pretty demanding job, and the skills I learn through it, along with the people I meet every day, are enough to make it all worthwhile. Besides, it feels good to get paid again =D.

Positivity Post #1

These posts of mine are going to range between extremely short and quite long. This is because some of my posts will not require an explanation, while some will.

So for my first post about happiness and positivity:

Today what made me happy was that the message that I tried to get across in my “New Year” post is having an impact on the people who read it. I am glad to know that even in such a sad situation, there is a learning experience to be had. Even if such a situation ever occurs again, God forbid, I know that I will have the strength and courage to face it. And I now know, from all the readers of my “New Year” post, that these people will have the inspiration and optimism to move forward as well.


I realized a while ago that I missed a key point in my last post. I forgot to say that we all enjoy life more once someone we know has it taken from them. We start to appreciate the beauty that is present in our surroundings more and more, each and every day. From this thought, an idea began to form in my head. I have decided to post, every day, one thing that made me happy. No matter how glum I feel, or how busy I am, I will do this regularly, even if it is just to remind myself why God gave me five senses, and why he made the world so beautiful at the same time.

Here We Go.

Well, that time of the year is here once again. No, I’m not talking about Christmas (although that IS coming up pretty soon). I’m talking about the last two weeks of school before Winter Break! Now for normal students, this would be a time of immense joy. However, being in IB gives you a more, shall we say, pessimistic view of holidays, for they are nothing more than extra time which teachers can use to force homework upon us. Fortunately, or unfortunately for most people (myself included), our Internal Assessments and World Literature papers are all due on the 16th of December.I have to do some serious work on these papers, as I have to hand in my rough draft tomorrow… I’ve started on two out of the three papers, but I know that I’ll soon be scrambling to get them done. Add to that 104 report cards that need to be completed for my swim classes, and homework from Physics online, and we have ourselves a recipe for disaster.  Funnily enough, I’m looking forward to this challenge. Let’s see if I can handle it without totally breaking down =].

As a side note, for anyone in my school who is reading this, come to room 209 at lunchtime this week in order to sign up to donate blood this weekend. Visit www.bloodservices.ca for more information, and be sure to go to the FAQ section to answer all of your burning questions =D. Give the ultimate gift this winter. Give someone the gift of life.