I have decided to start using WordPress for my blogging habits, simply because it is a better blogging service than Weebly is. There will be a link posted on my old blog, that will direct viewers to this website.

On a side note, when I tried to create this URL for my blog, it said it was already in use. It turns out that in Grade 9, I had posted one of my essays on this site (titled The Earth is the Playground, and Evil is the Bully). I read through it again, and I realized that my current essay quality is lower on some points than it was in Grade 9. This served as an interesting refresher of my past, and provides me with a plethora of ways to improve my current writing skills (the first of which is to increase the variety of vocabulary that I use in my essays, e.g. “plethora”).

Let’s see how this blog fares on the World Wide Web =D.