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Positivity Post #10

I think that a short post should suffice for tonight. If the truth be told, I’m extremely tired, and I don’t want to be late for my first day back at school. I’m somewhat excited to be going back, if only for the reason that I was extremely bored over the break, and I now want something to do. Some classes should be interesting given the occurrence some recent, unnamed, events. Oh well, nothing to do but look into the future with a smile on my face =].

Positivity Post #5

This is somewhat related to my previous Positivity Post, in that it’s about spending time with my parents. Today, for the first time in a LONG time, I got the chance to sit down with my family and eat dinner, without any arguments or incidents in general. Usually it’s me causing these arguments, but tonight went very nicely. I learned a lot about my parents’ childhoods, and about their individual struggles through their early years. For the first time in my life, I’m getting to know the people who have raised me to become the person I am today. Their persistence has given me the values that I adhere to today, and that I will pass on in the future =].

Positivity Post #1

These posts of mine are going to range between extremely short and quite long. This is because some of my posts will not require an explanation, while some will.

So for my first post about happiness and positivity:

Today what made me happy was that the message that I tried to get across in my “New Year” post is having an impact on the people who read it. I am glad to know that even in such a sad situation, there is a learning experience to be had. Even if such a situation ever occurs again, God forbid, I know that I will have the strength and courage to face it. And I now know, from all the readers of my “New Year” post, that these people will have the inspiration and optimism to move forward as well.


I realized a while ago that I missed a key point in my last post. I forgot to say that we all enjoy life more once someone we know has it taken from them. We start to appreciate the beauty that is present in our surroundings more and more, each and every day. From this thought, an idea began to form in my head. I have decided to post, every day, one thing that made me happy. No matter how glum I feel, or how busy I am, I will do this regularly, even if it is just to remind myself why God gave me five senses, and why he made the world so beautiful at the same time.