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Awesome Weekend!

Well, I’m finally done all my homework =D. All I have left to do is re-read some chapters for my History essay tomorrow, and I think I should be good to go. I might even sleep early tonight (shocking), as I have to get up early to go to a SAC meeting. This is to the SAC Co-presidents: Really guys? A meeting right after Thanksgiving weekend? =P.

I had plenty of fun this weekend. The best part would be going to a dinner at a friend’s house, and watching “The Descent” and “The Descent: Part 2” on his 100 inch projector screen. Both of them are scary movies, and I would recommend them for anyone who likes to watch movies that make them feel claustrophobic. I just hope that none of the trapped miners have seen it…

On the other hand, I read today that the trapped miners in Chile are ready to be extracted as of 12:01 am on Wednesday this week. I can only hope and pray that after spending two months underground, these men will make it safely to the surface. The rescue operation (complete with the capsule dubbed “Phoenix”) should go off without a hitch, as it has shown to be flawless in four test runs.

All in all, it was a pretty good weekend, with plenty of excitement. To top it all off, I finished all my homework, and get to sleep early for once in my high school career. I hope I do well on my essay tomorrow. Additionally, anyone with good information about the Russian Revolutions of 1905 and 1917, please feel free to comment below =D.


Good Days.

We finally finished renovating our basement, about a week ago. It’s all painted and carpeted and kind of furnished, but it still needs some electrical work done. For the past few days, my family and I have been extremely busy trying to shift all of our furniture and miscellaneous items down there. We managed to make a pretty large dent in our brand new wall (x.x) while getting our sofas downstairs, but that was the only hitch. So far. We still need to bring down the TV and all of its satellite appliances (that’s a pun, by the way =D), as well as our recently dismantled Ping-Pong table.

School is progressing very well for me, except in History, as I stated in my last post. Theory of Knowledge classes remain as interesting as ever, and I’m glad we don’t have any homework for it over this long weekend. That being said, I have to do some Chemistry projects, a Chemistry lab, and start on an English project as well. But it’s OK, I have three days to do it (this means that there will probably be a post on Monday night about my unstarted projects ^^). Anyway, busy weekend ahead for me, so I’ll keep this post short.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!